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Speciaal voor: zaakvoerders van KMO's/MKB's, coaches & professionals die meer connectie, klanten en impact willen

Ontdek deze 25 powerwoorden waarmee je direct al jouw titels, blogs en berichten beter maakt 

(...zodat je ideale klant je niet meer negeert maar wel de oren spitst)

Ontdek hoe je klantgerichte e-mails, blogs en posts schrijft zelfs als je geen copywriter bent

Creëer content die je volgers en ideale klanten 'ja' doen zeggen

Gebruik de woorden die je klanten echt willen horen en maak instant connectie

Van: Katleen Van Landschoot

RE: Magnetische Marketing

Beste dienstverlener,

Als je de aandacht wilt krijgen van je ideale klant, als je wilt dat meer mensen je e-mails openen, of als je jouw publiek, het bereik van je berichten en blogs én je impact wilt laten groeien, dan is dit cruciale info die je niet mag missen. 


Omdat je volgers, fans en klanten misloopt doordat je niet precies weet wat je het beste zegt tegen hen.

Mijn naam is Katleen Van Landschoot en ik ben een senior copywriter.

Als iemand die sinds 2003 impactvolle en converterende copy heeft geschreven in opdracht van merken, bedrijven en ondernemers heb ik ontdekt wat het verschil is tussen teksten die de aandacht trekken en berichten die compleet genegeerd worden.

Dit systeem toont je hoe je aantrekkelijke marketingberichten (offertes, e-mails, posts op sociale media, blogs…) creëert die je bereik, volgers en verkopen verhogen. 

Elke dag dat je geen magnetische content maakt laat je volgers, verkopen en kansen liggen.

“De gemiddelde persoon wordt gebombardeerd met ruim 1700 online advertenties per maand, maar ziet slechts de helft…”
(Bron: Smallbizgenius)





















Hoe komt het dat veel mensen advertenties en marketingboodschappen niet meer oppikken? Omdat er zo gigantisch veel zijn.

Daarom is het cruciaal dat je marketing er niet uitziet als een schreeuwerige advertentie of klinkt als gladde promopraat. 





1. Masterclass Magnetische Marketing zodat je een exact plan én de juiste woorden hebt om jouw ideale klant aan te spreken

2. Blauwdruk 'Boeiende Blogs Voor Je Website' zodat je inspirerende en impactvolle content maakt - zelfs als je niet creatief bent

3. Quickscan: Er zijn 5 types berichtenmakers. Ontdek welk profiel jij hebt en maak voortaan alleen nog posts voor sociale media die echt passen bij jou

BONUS 1:  Actieplan ‘SEO voor Beginners’ zodat je weet wat je zelf kunt doen om hoger te komen in Google 

BONUS 2 : Haakjes voor nieuwsgierige berichten zodat je…

BONUS 3: Checklist waarmee je aantrekkelijke verhalen uit je mouw tovert zelfs als je nog niet bekend bent

Dit krijg je als je "ja" zegt tegen
het Magnetische Marketing Systeem:

Katleen Van Landschoot winnen
  • Masterclass Magnetische Marketing (197€ waarde)
  • Professionele Titeltemplates (197€ waarde)
  • Introductie in SEO (197€ waarde)
  • Bonus 1: Quickscan voor een krachtige marketingboodschap (197€ waarde)
  • Bonus 2: 100 haakjes voor pakkende posts (197€ waarde)
  • Bonus 3: Blauwdruk boeiende blogs (197€ waarde)


testimonial Kristof De Stickere in jpg


Als het "Magnetische Marketing Systeem" je niet exact toont hoe je je boodschap direct klantvriendelijker maakt... als het je niet stap voor stap bij de hand neemt om je marketingteksten te verbeteren...of als het er niet in slaagt om meer connectie te maken, stuur me dan gewoon een mailtje via om je investering terug te krijgen, zonder vragen

Ja, maar werkt dit wel echt??

I don’t just teach my System to other business owners. I use this same strategy in all of my businesses and have taught this to thousands of business owners all around the world.


I also didn’t start out as an “expert.” I became an expert on this topic by making tons of mistakes and learning along the way of my 14+ years in business. I started out as a photographer and grew my studio to multiple 6 figures per year. From there people were asking me how I did it so I decided to teach a course online. Over the past 6 years I generated over 7 million dollars in sales and helped over 10,000 business owners increase their followers, engagement and sales online.

…and I’m not some celebrity influencer who gained followers by paying to be in the media, getting large brand deals, getting lucky.

I’m just a regular business owner like you who has a smart strategy for attracting the right people and then turning them into customers.

I’m super busy in my business too! I’ve tried agencies, employees, VAs, etc. and nothing ever worked as well as just having a clear intentional strategy that I can automate so that I get the results I want without spending a fortune hiring people or wasting my precious time.

I’m a small town midwest girl who married her college sweetheart and gets to live all over the country and work from wherever doing what I love most.

Running a business is hard. Each struggle I go through I learn a better way, and can’t wait to share it with you.


Het Magnetische Marketing Systeem is voor jou als je...


Most social media solutions have you creating new fresh content every single day (or more)  and not only is it exhausting but it’s also not moving your ideal customers to where we want them to be!! PAYING CUSTOMERS!

With Content Creation System I show you my quick and easy method  for batch creating content  that will move your customers to the call to action you want  (sales, email subs, etc.).

Then I walk you through how to automate those posts on a loop for the. entire. year. 

You can actually just keep them posting foreverrrr (cue sandlot voice) but I personally like to refresh them yearly.

Give me 1-7 days of your time and let’s get ALL your social media scheduled once and for all  so you can stop stressing and focus on other things in your business and life!

  • are ready to be seen by your ideal avatar so you can start building a relationship with your dream customers

  • are ready to know what to post and when to post it so you never struggle with what to talk about again.

  • are ready to have all your social posts scheduled for a year or more so you can be free to focus on other things in your business

  • are ready to grow your following, engagement and sales so you can finally get return on your social media investment

  • are ready to feel organized, confident and in control of your social media strategy so you can finally start using it to work for your business

  • als ondernemer zelf je opdrachten en klanten moet binnenhalen
  • als je als dienstverlener meer connectie wilt 

I’m not sure where this rumor started from but  the short answer is, no.

I ‘ve personally tested this MANY times over and have seen no difference  in engagement from manually posting vs. car posting.

Absolutely not. 

I recommend a couple tools inside of Content Creation System and both are approved social media tools that have been around for a long time  (with great reputations) and will not get your account shut down.

What will happen if somebody sees a post you made 3 months ago tomorrow?

Seriously, what would happen?

For me what’s happened is people thanking me! “I forgot about this, thanks for sharing again!”

I’m not sure where this fear of re-using content came from but if you look at some of the top social media accounts they’re constantly re-using the content that works because they know it will work again and again to reach new people (after all, we already know the algorithm doesn’t show every post to every single person).

They know that post does well so they want to post it again at different dates/times to attract and convert more new people.

I will show you not only how to quickly create content that drives your ideal customers to call to action but also look at the stats on that content so you can take out the bad performers and keep in the good performers. I do this each year when I update my content. 

Let’s get you working smarter and not harder when it comes to your social media strategy.

Depends what you define as a ton of time?

Would you rather spent 1 week a month scheduling your posts for the next month…

…OR would you rather spend 1-7 days (I do it in 1 day, some people take up to 7) to create and automate all of your social media posts for an entire year?

This strategy works for the following content platforms:  Facebook (pages, groups and profiles), Instagram feed, Linked In (profiles and companies), Pinterest feed and twitter.

As you know you can’t automate fb lives, ig stories, igtv, etc. I do include a checklist so you have a strategy for keeping up on those as well if you’d like to.

Nope 😊 You can include video as part of your strategy but it’s not necessary. I personally use photos and text for all of my automations and then I go live on fb or IG when I want to (not having to worry about all my social posts gives me time to go live yay haha).

I include a checklist so you have a strategy for keeping up on those as well if you’d like to…but at this time there are no tools that allow you to automate anything with a live component.

Inside the first module of Content Creation System I help you narrow down your ideal client and post topic focus so you can ensure your posts attract the right customers to your business.

Totally normal. I’ve been doing this for 14+ years (I had FB when it was only for college kids lol) and inside Content Creation System I give you my post prompt wizard so in two clicks you have 100 social media post prompts.

Plus I also included 365 days of social media prompts so you never have to guess about what to post about ever again.

When you use my Post Prompt Generator all your posts will start out as ideas and then bullet points so it’s super easy to write and fill them in.

No problem. I’ll show you great places to get free stock photos and one of my Content Creation bonuses is my checklist so you can take your own pro quality photos for your social media accounts (even if all you have is a cell phone).

Remember, I’ve been a professional photographer for over 14 years, so I do know a thing or two about taking great photos.

No worries, you don’t need any audience at all to start using my system. If you do have an audience that’s cool too, it doesn’t matter either way.

I do recommend 1 tool for the automation and it’s $19/mo. Other than that anything else I recommend is optional.

I can’t force you to open Content Creation System after you purchase it but I can tell you this…

…you’ll get an email right after you purchase with your log in and password.

Logging in is super easy, and I teach everything as short and concise as humanly possible. I know your time is valuable so I’m confident if you can set aside 1 day minimum, you can make HUGE strides with this.


  • Masterclass Magnetische Marketing (waarde 197€)
  • Post Topic Wizard ($197 Value)
  • Step-by-step automation class ($97 Value)
  • BONUS 1: Consistent Live Posts Checklist ($47 Value)
  • BONUS 2: The Productivity Formula ($197 Value)
  • BONUS 3: Pro Photography Tutorial ($47 Value)


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